Cold War Steve - Pandemic Puzzle

In March 2020 when Covid-19 hit Britain like a storm and we all went into lockdown, it emerged quite quickly that jigsaw puzzles were to play a new and very important role in keeping people in isolation occupied. The 1000 piece puzzle came into its own, where you had to clear the dining room table and give yourself a good week or two to get it finished.

Cold War Steve wanted to do a feel good puzzle especially for people at the height of lockdown and he created ‘Harold’ with its bold photo montage of all that’s best about Britain, emblazoned with the words ‘Everythings going to be all right’. We managed to keep the factory open during Coronavirus and on a skeleton crew produced this puzzle against the odds. Cold War Steve tweeted that we were ‘legends’ and the puzzle sold well. It is bright orange. It packs a punch and we are selling it still. There was also very little blue sky in this one, which helped! It was a product we felt we had to get out there and we are very proud of our factory staff to have made such a quality puzzle in a difficult time. We even heard that some of the celebrities featured in the puzzle have completed the jigsaw!

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