Celebrating International Women's Day

It will be international Women’s Day on the 8th of March and to celebrate this year we have partnered with a truly inspiring artist to release the new “100 Iconic Women” jigsaw puzzle.

This magnificent jigsaw puzzle has been designed by Maliha Abidi and celebrates amazing women from across the globe and history that have inspired us all. Included are such inspirational women as Frida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emmeline Pankhurst, Wilma Rudolph, Rosa Parks, Duleep Singh, and many more. Included in this beautifully designed, planet-conscious box is a list of the names of all 100 iconic women.

Introducing Maliha Abidi 

Maliha Abidi, is herself an inspirational woman. Maliha’s family moved from Pakistan to California when she was 14, and she draws on her experiences of being an immigrant in her artwork and literature. She produces art and literature that shines a light on social issues such as women’s rights, anti-racism, domestic violence, and mental health.

Not only is Maliha an author and artist, but she is also studying Neuroscience and is the founder of The Story of Mental Health, an organization that provides resources to give women a safe space to discuss and work through their mental health challenges. 

Maliha is already a young iconic woman, and we are incredibly proud to have the honour of working with her.

100 Iconic Women jigsaw puzzle by Maliha Abidi


Maliha has a popular social media following and she will be promoting the 100 Iconic Women Jigsaw puzzle on her Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook pages as well as her website. Maliha will be running a competition through her social media and with a following of over 93k on TikTok alone, this could be an extremely popular jigsaw puzzle.

Maliha AbidiMaliha Abidi 100 Iconic Women jigsaw puzzle

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