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Sports Stadia


“Since finding All Jigsaw Puzzles my business has never looked back and thanks to their excellent puzzles and first class service, significant progress has been made in establishing my business on a number of platforms. It really is vital that the partners we choose to supply our products are consistently reliable and always striving to do things better to improve the service provided. All Jigsaw Puzzles definitely tick all the boxes for me and I would not hesitate to recommend any retailer who wishes to sell puzzles to use them.” 


Kevin James, Owner/Director, Sports Stadia Art 


Sports Stadia Art is a fantastic small business that has a comprehensive library of beautiful paintings of football and sports stadiums around the UK. Whether you are a Plymouth Argyle supporter or Sheffield United fan, there is a painting and a puzzle of that stadium just for you!  

The Sports Stadia library have lots of merchandise to choose from, and we are their chosen UK drop ship partner for puzzles, offering them in 400, 500 or 1000 piece sizes with a matching branded box. This gives him a good ecommerce range, as the 400 piece is a ‘gift size’ perhaps bought for someone who loves their local football club but isn’t a seasoned puzzler prepared to clear their dining room table for two weeks to complete a 1000 piece!  

We have been drop shipping puzzles for Sports Stadia for over 5 years and he has ‘Star Seller’ status on Etsy, with average reviews of his puzzles 4.8 or higher. We currently hold approx. 1000 images on file for him, that we can ‘print on demand’ and turn into a puzzle and matching box on an order-by-order basis.  So no stock holding to worry about. We also offer him a ‘personalised message option’ for the box lid, whereby the customer’s message - for example ‘Happy Birthday Grandad, happy puzzling! Love from George’ - can be printed on the box lid. The message field allows for 3 lines of text, with 27 characters per line – more than enough to create a really special and unique message and present.  

Personalised, print on demand jigsaws is a specialism of ours, and we can turn around an order in 3-5 days and really ramp up capacity during Q4 when Christmas puzzles sales soar.  

See Sports Stadia Art’s Etsy Store Here or visit Sports Stadia Website

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