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"My favourite lockdown jigsaw, and that's saying something! The packaging is classy - love the bag for the pieces - and the puzzle itself is demanding without being impossible. Lovely bright colours and really cheery. Totally recommended." Ms M North, Yorkshire

Sarah Meade from SisterSister is a Shropshire based illustrator with a quirky small business selling her art, cute handmade pins, painted ceramics and tea towels. During lockdown Sarah decided to add jigsaws to her product offering and wanted an eco-friendly British made puzzle on a short run, so she dropped us an email. We just loved the fresh modern design and we are always keen to promote small independent producers, especially women. Starting with a short run order allowed Sarah to test the market and see how successful the puzzle would be…and I am glad to say we have since had several re-orders!

The result is a beautiful, contemporary and very colourful 1000 piece puzzle that reflects a quiet family home with her cats. Sarah opted for an eco friendly cream cotton cloth bag and our ‘e-commerce box’ which is long and thin, to add to the modern feel, and which makes for easy dispatch of her online orders!


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