Haynes Motor Museum 1000 and 500 Piece Custom Jigsaw Puzzles


We met Haynes Motor Museum at the Autumn Fair, NEC Birmingham. They were looking to launch a range of custom jigsaws using the iconic Haynes Manual images, which they owned the copyright to. 

Haynes Motor Museum custom Jigsaw Puzzle

They were looking to add new retail products to a newly refurbished retail shop within their museum.


The Museum was impressed with our sustainability ethos of using eco-friendly materials in the production process.    

During the production phase of their jigsaws, we sent them photo and video updates which their marketing department used on social medal platforms. 

Watch the Museum’s 1000 piece ‘Austin Mini’ jigsaw image being glued on to 100% recycled quality blue millboard in this video 



Haynes Motor Museum 500 Piece Custom Jigsaw Puzzles


Assisting the Museum’s Retail Manager with creating a collection of custom jigsaws was an honour, as it had been a long aspiration to achieve for the Museum. They hope to add to more images to their jigsaw range in the future. 


Haynes Motor Museum 1000 Piece Custom Jigsaw Puzzle


These have proved a popular retail product with their visitors and re-orders are regularly being placed for more!  The Museum likes the flexibility of being able to re-order in a low minimum order quantity of just 25 to keep their stock levels fluid and stock cupboards less crowded.  

You can visit https://haynesmuseumshop.org to see the whole jigsaw collection. 

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