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Tenby puzzle

After a 2-year hiatus, Tenby Bookshop is again able to offer a beautiful 500-piece jigsaw of the Harbour scene - thanks to a collaboration of local Tenby talent.

There has been an independent Bookshop in this ideal location in Tenby town for decades - and for many of those years, the shop sold 1000s of traditional Tenby jigsaws, then produced by national suppliers Gardners and Ravensburger.

At once, both suppliers decided to discontinue the popular jigsaws, leaving the Bookshop with gaps on their shelves.

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Shop owner Julie Jones took matters into her own hands and contacted us at All Jigsaw Puzzles because we are a British puzzle manufacturer. We were so keen to work with Julie, especially given the stunning location she was seeking to portray.

Julie's next challenge was sourcing the perfect image. "There are so many brilliant and beautiful photographs available of Tenby that the problem was deciding upon The One!

"I immediately thought of local professional photographer Gareth Davies as I always follow his work on social media.  For this puzzle I chose what I call the 'chocolate box' shot of the harbour from Gareth - one that would resonate with customers locally and around the world."

Julie then called on Andrew Lowe of Signature Design - who worked with us to produce a beautiful fully-bilingual Welsh-English box, complete with the Bookshop's logo and a short history of Tenby on the base, bringing added value to the gift at no extra cost to the shop.

Julie added "We couldn't be happier with the end result, and now that we have found the perfect manufacturer for this type of bespoke project, we shall continue to work with other local photographers, so that visitors can take home a different "Tenby'' jigsaw when they visit.  We look forward to working with the lovely team at AJP on our next puzzle."

The jigsaws are available exclusively at Tenby Bookshop and at HARBWR Brewery's new merchandise shop in Sergeants Lane.
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