Play Shed Puzzles 48 Piece Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Jacqueline came to us wanting to launch fun, vibrant designs for her business, Play Shed Puzzles, aimed at young children, aged 3+.
She was especially keen to use a jigsaw manufacturer that uses eco-friendly materials in production, so our recycled millboard, vegan inks and chlorine-free paper, met all of her needs.
Taking a particular interest in the handmade elements of her UK jigsaws, she was very happy to receive videos and images documenting how her 48 piece puzzles are made, to use as content on her social media channels.
Space Explorer 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
As a new, small business, Jacqueline was keen to test different puzzle designs with her customers to see which were most popular. So, being able to take advantage of our low minimum order quantity of just 25, was perfect for her.
 Play shed Puzzles 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Collection
So far, Jacqueline has printed four designs with us and is currently working on her bespoke Christmas jigsaw puzzles. She also found time on her recent holiday in Cornwall, to pop along to us in Devon for a quick factory tour to see some of her designs being made.


Our client Jacqueline from Play shed Puzzles and her custom puzzles on a Jigsaw Puzzle factory tour!


You can visit Play Shed Puzzles - handmade jigsaw puzzles for children to see what other custom made kids puzzles Jacqueline launches for the rest of the year.

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