The D Day Story Museum Case Study

‘I am loving the mock up box design using the map on the cover’.

We met Ross, the General Manager of The D-Day Story museum Portsmouth, at the brilliant Museum & Heritage Show in Olympia, London. Ross was intrigued by the idea of making a custom jigsaw for the museum.

A few months later Ellen, the Museum Merchandising Officer, emailed us about using one of their special maps of Normandy for a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, the twist was that it was a bogus map, where all the place names were replaced with incorrect ones to confuse any enemy agents who got hold of it, talk about smart!

Once Ellen agreed that they would be going ahead with the creation of their jigsaw, we sent over box designs using The D-Day Story museum logo and the map of Normandy.

Ellen loved the box design concept that our inhouse designer created. The ‘full wrap’ design really complimented the map - “I am loving the mock up using the map on the cover”.

We sent Ellen a photo of the prototype box, then, with the design for the box agreed, it was full steam ahead, and the product was finalised.



For more information about The D-Day Story museum Portsmouth, be sure to visit their website here:


Watch how we manufactured the D-Day custom jigsaw puzzle


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