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Watch the laser cutting process video here

Online retailers, like UK based Wild Star Hearts (WSH), are always looking for unique product ideas to help them stand apart from competitors.  WSH is working in collaboration with a Japanese artist and was looking for a UK manufacturer to produce a range of custom wooden jigsaws using their illustrations.

WSH wanted a collection of four 2mm wooden jigsaws with 300 pieces, in a semi-gloss finish with the jigsaw pieces kept in a black cloth bag inside a black luxury square box. They were looking for a high end product to compliment their current range of millboard jigsaw puzzles (If you’d prefer a personalised cloth bag, or an alternative coloured bag, we can supply this too).


WSH were pleased to learn that we elevate our custom wooden jigsaws further by adding a poster print of the jigsaw inside the box as standard, plus offer the ability to customise not only the lid and one side of the box, but the tray base too.

All our clients agree that their favourite thing about custom wooden jigsaws is the ‘whimsie’ pieces which we can cut out of the wood. Any whimsie shape is possible and WSH chose to stick with the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme. Throughout the design process, we offer digital proofs for clients to consider and this includes offering whimsie designs to sign off.

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During the production process, our sales team updated Wild Star Hears with a progress video of one of their custom wooden jigsaws being laser cut!

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