Dropshipping FAQs

FAQs - Our Easy Guide to Drop Shipping

What is drop shipping?

Our drop shipping business model is a print-on-demand system, whereby you list puzzles in your online shop and when you receive an order, you send the details to us, and we make the jigsaw and deliver it direct to your customer. You don’t have to have stock on the shelf. Your profit comes from the difference between what you charge your customer and what you pay us.

What is a drop shipper?

Any online store owner – either with their own ecommerce website, Etsy shop or social media shop – that sells puzzles, without physically owning them. You can be a sole trader or a large business, we accept both!

What is a customer?

Your online customers that place orders on your store for a jigsaw.

How much money can I make from drop shipping?

We will provide you with guideline RRPs for the puzzle sizes that you wish to sell and on average net profits margins of at least 30% are to be expected. Higher margins can be made on unique products and the audience you are selling to.

Does it cost a lot of money to start drop shipping?

As you are not holding any stock, the cost of set-up is very minimal! You need to ensure you can draw down a daily csv file of orders (or integrate an API) from your ecommerce store (or social shop) to our Order Desk. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. We do not charge any onboarding fees currently.

Who Provides the Customer Service?

You communicate with your own customers about their orders, and we communicate with you. We are real people that can answer your questions about your puzzle orders and send confirmations of all items shipped with tracking details to you daily.

What are the benefits of drop shipping?

  • Low start up investment – you just need the IT in place to send us a daily order csv file
  • Allows you to sell our whole inventory of products on your store, without pre-purchase
  • No need to pay for a warehouse and have money tied up in stock
  • No minimum orders
  • You can run the business remotely
  • Good net profit margins

Will the puzzles have my brand on them?

Yes, we encourage that. If we are drop shipping custom made puzzles on your behalf, then it looks like the order has come from you.

What kind of fees should I expect?

We agree the set charge with you in advance for the cost of each puzzle you wish to drop ship, plus the delivery cost. All costs are clear and agreed in advance, so nothing comes as a surprise. We invoice you at the end of each month for all puzzles shipped that month, so you only pay us once you have been paid. There are no minimum orders or hidden fees.

How do I send my customers’ orders to you?

If you are small online seller then we can accept a daily csv file (we can supply the template that you need to follow) emailed into our Order Desk. Or if you are a larger online store owner, you can set up an API integration into our HPSiteFlow system.

Is it possible to track orders?

Yes we provide confirmation of all dispatched orders with a tracking link provided by the courier, as and when the orders leave our warehouse. We use a tracked delivery service worldwide and you can pass these details onto your end customer.

Who posts out the puzzles?

We do. We have accounts with the major couriers and will wrap the jigsaw box in a snug cardboard outer wrap, apply the address label and ship on your behalf direct to your customer.

Who is responsible for paying the shipping cost?

We will ship the items on your behalf and liaise with the couriers and handle all customs requirements for overseas shipping and we pay the shipping bill. We invoice you for all items shipped as part of your monthly bill. You will need to set up a delivery charge on your online store that covers the cost of the delivery charges we issue to you – and our charges are low enough to allow that. All charges are agreed at the beginning so you can set up the products on your store with piece of mind that all delivery costs are covered.

Can I use your product photos and descriptions?

Yes, if you are drop shipping any of our All Jigsaw Puzzles commercial range of products, then we will provide you with photos and SEO ready descriptions, so you can get listings up quickly!

Can I drop ship personalised puzzles?

Yes absolutely we excel at that. We have been drop shipping personalised puzzles for over 10 years. We can accept in your order with the image file that your customer has given you (a photo perhaps that they want made into a puzzle) and turn that image into a jigsaw and matching box and deliver it on your behalf. This is all part of our print-on-demand service that we run via HPSiteFlow, a quick and efficient IT system.

Can you handle lots of Christmas orders?

Yes, we have invested heavily in IT and each Q4, when puzzle buying hits new heights, we can ramp up demand smoothly. We are used to a production increase of 600% each Christmas.

Should I set up a Returns Policy?

Yes, this is a very important part of ecommerce selling. We also have a Customer Services team here that will handle all returns and help with your customer’s questions, we pride ourselves on resolving any issues quickly and with a no-quibble attitude.

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