How to Create a Custom Jigsaw Puzzle


All of our products are individually created in-house, using up-to-date digital printing and finished using handcrafted, traditional methods.

Stage One

  • Specially designed software configures the image/photo you send us to our template
  • Data then transferred to our leading edge, top of the range printers to print jigsaw and box lid

Stage Two

  • Manual production process. First image is glued with a water based adhesive and hand fixed onto recycled Millboard, before being left to rest and dry.
  • Then the heavy work begins! The puzzles are carefully stamped out, one at a time, on a hand fed platen machine, each keeping its own identity throughout the process. Mindful eyes maintain the quality checks at each stage of production!

Stage Three

  • Then another check – paperwork to Jigsaw, Jigsaw to correct packaging! This stage shows the careful process of ‘breaking’ the puzzle into its individual pieces, to be placed into the bag and then packed in the appropriate box. Each box, with its unique customer number handwritten onto it, is then packed into the specially designed postal outer wrap.
  • The jigsaw is then ready for despatch!