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Radiohead Sustainable Jigsaw

The world of modern day band merchandising has moved on from t-shirts and posters of tour dates, to innovative, engaging and limited edition produc...

Cold War Steve - Pandemic Puzzle

In March 2020 when Covid-19 hit Britain like a storm and we all went into lockdown, it emerged quite quickly that jigsaw puzzles were to play a new...

Short Run Jigsaws – Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral made a short run 1000 piece custom puzzle of a painting of the cathedral by David Hollins. The painting was great and very atmos...

Our Packaging

All our custom made jigsaws come with the pieces sealed in a polybag inside your own box with unique artwork. You have a choice of two box types (both are the same cost):

Planet Friendly Postal Box

A slimmer space saving postal box, used by ecommerce clients, it measures 35 x 19 x 3.5cm. Modern and contemporary, the box tray is always white, but the box lid is always full colour branded artwork.

Shoulder Box

A chunky more traditional box, and our most popular box, it measures 19.5 x 22 x 5cm. The lid doesn’t go all the down the tray, so you get a sneak peak of the coloured tray too, but don’t worry the lid is firm and secure! 


You can also swap out the polybag that contains your puzzle pieces inside the box, for a biodegradable 100% natural cotton cloth bag instead. Our eco-friendly clients go for this option, and it also adds a certain something special to the puzzle experience when you take off the box lid.  

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