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"Beach Hut" Sight Impaired 28 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

"Beach Hut" Sight Impaired 28 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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This thoughtfully illustrated 28-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle has been designed by Catherine Daley. The distinct, key shaped pieces make it possible to do this puzzle entirely by feel alone, but the choice of image and bright yellow edging should help those with poor vision.

Each 10cm puzzle piece has a distinctive shape, allowing the picture to be constructed without sight. This colourful illustration of a cheeky ginger cat, peeking out from beach huts on the sand, fronted by sandcastles, seashells, a crab and a starfish on the seashore has been designed for people completing the puzzle with low vision.

  • Made in Britain.
  • All paper from an FSC source.
  • Supplied with a black cloth bag to store puzzle pieces.

The idea for this jigsaw puzzle collection came about when Catherine Daley’s mother-in-law, Sylvia, found it increasingly difficult to do the jigsaw puzzles she so loved because of sight loss. Catherine decided to create a new kind of jigsaw for her that would not depend on good vision.

Number of Pieces: 28 2mm thick, laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces

Dimensions: 31 × 47cm (12 × 18.25 inches)

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